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Four Fantastic New Training Store Managers for Wendy's

Updated: May 29, 2023

Congratulations on your new role, Latoya!

We are excited to share a lot of GREAT news with the whole Wendy’s team. We have two new Training Restaurant Managers: Michelle Nious and Latoya Halliburton, who have proven to be great leaders with excellent communication skills. In the San Antonio market, we have yet another win. Irma, our Top 200 GM, got her recertification from Wendy's, and we added another Training Location with Lateef's team passing their Training Certification.

This is a huge win for Spark! Out of 260 units that John Chapman, the Training Inspector or Training Leader from Wendy's currently inspects and visits, only 20 of those are Training Locations, and 5 of those units are from Spark!


Michelle, Latoya, Irma and Lateef

for leading the way and

Sparking Ahead of the Trend

These four training managers, together with their teams, have all achieved the 2022 Wendy’s U Training Restaurant Certification. Michelle, Latoya, Irma and Lateef have done a great job using WeLearn and Observation Checklists to train all new and existing employees. Their level of detail in all the Operational aspects of the restaurants was remarkable.

Irma and Lateef’s teams did a great job taking care of our guests with Fast Food, Fast Service and Friendly Service. The overall OSAT for the restaurants is above 75% Highly Satisfied Guests which showed in the Customer Service we observed today. Also, they are doing a great job utilizing the Total Restaurant Cleanliness system to maintain outside and inside cleanliness.

Thank you Teresa Sheppard, Joe Alvarado, Becky Luna, Fred Brown and Team for your dedication to training, development, and the Wendy’s Brand! This is an example of what “hard work pays off” looks like! These training managers have taken pride in their restaurant culture and developed their teams to deliver Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas’ values.

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