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Our first Wendy’s remodel is in progress not even two weeks after this big acquisition!

A lot of development is coming along with our latest acquisition! Not two weeks after acquiring 64 Wendy’s units in Texas and Ohio, we started the process of remodeling all of them, starting with unit #1044 in San Antonio, TX. Following Wendy’s Image Activation efforts, we’ve set the goal of reimaging all our Wendy’s units by the end of 2024. Since 2011, Wendy’s has been working on remodeling its system and reinventing its image. With a focus on smaller and more flexible footprints, innovative designs and environmental awareness, Wendy’s Image Activation Plan started as a tiered system focused on franchisee investment, where franchisors could select from four image choices -contemporary, traditional, ultra modern and urban. The new Smart 2.0 designs considered not only the feel and aesthetics of the restaurant, but featured recycling materials, high-efficiency equipment and menu modifications that ultimately results in cost reduction for franchisors without compromising the distinctive quality of the top tier brand. These exciting updates fit Spark’s focus on innovation perfectly. As we lead and grow in the QSR industry, we embrace continual improvement and look to the future as we dedicate all our efforts to our guests, brand partners and team members. We honor our commitment to the franchise by adhering to Wendy’s Image Activation Plan, and we are set to remodel 60% of the units by the end of 2021, 75% by 2022 and 100% by 2023. We’re adding very fresh and modern enhancements, while still maintaining the traditional feel of the Wendy’s brand. More efficient systems and more attractive locations are a promise to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, where both guests and potential employees are more responsive to relevant and up-to-date designs. As we look into the future where takeout and delivery options are on the new horizon, we go for the sensible choice to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our focus on people and innovation is stronger than ever as we get all our units to the next level. Next year is going to be full of new exciting projects for the Wendy’s teams at Spark!

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