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Promotion: SHELIA WRIGHT, our new Director of Operations

Our company values and cultivates that Spark that moves every team member towards the path of self-betterment and success. That little Spark is kindled and fueled by teamwork, recognition and rewards, and soon becomes the fire that feeds personal fulfillment and motivation. Potential becomes endless, and both personal and professional life is nourished by this new perspective.

We celebrate that a special member of our team has proven to be an individual of great potential, heart, dedication, and strong work ethic. Joining our team in March 2017, Shelia Wright has demonstrated great support to the field. Shelia started her journey in the restaurant business over 30 years ago in various leadership roles. She went from Area Supervisor leading 7 Restaurants to training leader for 30 Restaurants and then Training Director for Spark’s Buffalo Wild Wings.

The level of ownership and dedication that Shelia shows to Spark is second to none. We can always count on Shelia to execute whatever task, regardless of difficulty, with great enthusiasm. In the last 4 years, she has truly made a difference and been a tremendous support to many operational teams; she is truly a diverse leader in experience.

We are a place of opportunity and growth, and we are excited to take individuals to the next level that shows great ownership and a desire to grow professionally. The past success and Spark's future will always be a direct reflection of the hard work the Managers, General Manager, and Above Store Leaders do. We are grateful for all the hard work and dedication many of you displayed last year during one of the most challenging years ever in the casual dining business! In an effort to ensure that our BWW units get the most focused support and needed recognition, we are splitting the market into 2 areas. I’m confident this will help us take the units to the next level and help the general managers achieve more success.

It is with great honor and excitement that we communicate the promotion of Shelia Wright to the position of Director of Operations for Buffalo Wild Wings. Effective on 3/29/2021. Shelia will be leading the units of Pearland, Pasadena, and Sugarland Buffalo Wild Wings. Tom Rodgers will be in charge of Webster, AT Plaza, Woodlands, Copperfield, and Hedwig locations. We congratulate Shelia Wright as she earned this role through dedication to the mission of being the best in Houston and the industry in BWW training!

Thank you, Shelia, and congratulations on your new role! We’re excited and looking forward to seeing where you will take your Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants!

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