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Spark’s First BWW New Construction Project - a Spring Creek BBQ Conversion and BWW Relocation

Updated: May 29, 2023

We’re so excited to show off the results of our first Buffalo Wild Wings new construction project, a true labor of love!

In August, we started a conversion of a Spring Creek BBQ as a BWW relocation remodel in Pearland, TX. For us, this project was extremely special because it was our first Buffalo Wild Wings new build project that we designed and managed on our own. Every detail from tile to furniture fabric was hand-picked by our CEO following brand design parameters. He spent months with the architect and general contractor, with the plans and at the construction site, because of how much this project meant to him.

Our relocation required a lot of teamwork and dedication. It ended up with many meaningful touches within the restaurant that our team wanted to incorporate including a golf ball mural and media wall with 4x85 inch TVs that turns into one big screen and enhances our Super Bowl experience!

Our Pearland project couldn’t have been possible without Sanjay, Justin, Viviana and Jay of Spark’s Development Team. Their attention to detail and dedication to this project was key to overcoming the difficulties that present themselves in remodel construction. Even though we faced some hurdles, teamwork and persistence led us towards the finish line with success, and we couldn’t be prouder of our achievements!

The restaurant development business can be challenging, but it’s important to us that with every new goal, we step up to provide a new dining experience with a personal touch. We want our guests to enjoy their visit and our employees to enjoy their work environment. Pearland relocation is a great example of our core values. We are not afraid of changes nor challenges, we embrace them! In the face of change WE SPARK!

The doors to our new Pearland Buffalo Wild Wings opened on January 13th. Come check it out!

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