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Spark Launches an Elementary School Fundraising Program For It’s Buffalo Wild Wings Units

Spark Launches An Elementary School Fundraising Program!

We at Spark are committed to being involved in the community to spark change and support it’s improvement and growth. This mentality of support, improvement and growth is part of our business model and our culture. In light of that, we recognize that the youngest generation is the one that will have the greatest impact on lasting change for our community’s future, and that’s why we are launching an Elementary School Fundraising Program for our Buffalo Wild Wing Units.

The first “Lil’ Buffalo Day” took place on April 3rd, and was held to raise funds for Holmsley Elementary School. In order to participate, clients just needed to come in and eat some wings. Parents brought their children to Buffalo Wild Wings at 5805 HWY 6 North Houston for wings and fun, and by doing so, their families supported their community by helping fund educational initiatives at Holmsley Elementary School.

Join us to inspire the very best inn your community by helping your elementary schools thrive and grow! If you’re interested in planning a fundraiser for your local elementary school or highschool, contact us through email at: or look learn more on our website at

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