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Buffalo Wild Wings is Getting a Major Redesign

Buffalo Wild Wings is changing its look!

The company is trying to create an environment that makes it easier for friends to meet at the restaurant. Buffalo Wild Wings now shows a beautiful exterior featuring wood, metal and brick, with solid colors bordering the refreshed logo of the brand.

On the inside you’ll be welcomed by a mix of rectangular and round tables, as well as larger community tables and booths to accommodate groups of all sizes. Here, you’ll enjoy a prominent bar area, VIP spaces and the lastest audio and visual tech!

All around the tables you’ll find arena-like video screens. Don’t worry about the lights of the bar obstructing the game, the TVs have anti-glare technology. With the LED environmental lighting of the place, Buffalo Wild Wings can change the colors of the lighting to match with your favorite team’s colors!

They’ve also created the new MPV Room. This new area has two 80-inch televisions, a 60-inch television, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming consoles and, in some cases, six self-pour beer taps. The point is to create a different local experience for every member of the community. Everyone will enjoy a unique experience in this great room.

Buffalo Wild Wings is all about building community. That’s why the dining area is flexible, allowing guests to pull tables together as they please. You can also watch the game in the patio, a big place with roll-up garage doors and accordion glass doors that can be opened to wander in and out.

Even if you’re waiting for a seat on our beautiful bar, you can rest in the dugout, have something to drink and watch the game. On the day of the big game, the dugout transforms from a waiting spot into one of the best seats in the bar!

This information was found at CNBC.

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