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BWW is the Best Alternative to Sporting Events During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the Sports industry in the U.S and globally. The suspension of sporting events in early March 2020 underscored the seriousness of this pandemic and its impact. The problem has affected athletes, fans, and industry employees at all levels, generating doubt that stadium or coliseum-size sports events will come back in the near future.

According to Deloitte’s study* regarding the impacts on the sporting industry “Live games for remote audiences might re-engage fans, broadcasters, and advertisers in the near term, but establishing a trust for fans hoping to return to arenas and stadiums will likely take longer.”

Until confidence is reestablished, places such as Buffalo Wild Wings become one of the greatest alternatives to enjoy the game with friends and family in a safe and healthy environment! Our biosecurity protocols allow us to seat more guests safely by putting barriers between booths, increasing occupancy in the dining room, creating additional outdoor seatings, and maintaining a clean and safe environment for the guests and the food. All our units have passed rigorous inspections and audits by Ecosure for food safety.

Furthermore, with our reliable, quality AV system and our quality food, we create an experience that matches (and can even surpass) the stadium experience! At Buffalo Wild Wings, fans can still enjoy the game in a sporting event environment with other fans. We are happy to say that no one beats Buffalo Wild Wings during the Pandemic!

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