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Celebrating Above and Beyond Performance During the Texas Winter Storm

At Spark we know that innovation comes from facing challenges and that to be at the top of our game, it is important to give our 100%. Our Buffalo Wild Wings teams showed their Change-Sparker spirit and sparked a difference during these weeks of cold Winter weather. The Winter Storm that affected Texas between February 13th and February 17th, 2021, with an aftermath that impacted communities for many more days, was a challenge that our teams overcame with courage and determination and we want to highlight the many team members who worked above and beyond!

At the Atascocita Unit our team member Viviana did an amazing job! This front of house employee made it into work every day and even worked in the kitchen to keep the orders flying. Other team members, such as Colleen, Dane and Keitha from the Webster Unit, battled the weather to open their restaurant and even made great sales.

Faith at the Sugarland Unit also beat the elements to go to work, and showed great commitment as was the only team member at work the Monday of the storm. She made the best of the situation and completed inventory. The next day she picked up the whole team on her way to work to ensure the restaurant opened with all necessary staff members. Cassie, from Copperfield Unit, that opened up the unit by herself on Tuesday, is also an example of what our Change-Sparkers can do.


At Spark we are proud to call these people our team and we are certain our success is mainly due to our employees and their Spark a Difference attitude they have when approaching every challenge. Our Buffalo Wild Wings units were there for Texans in their time of need, to be a meeting place and a place to be served and taken care of during a time many didn’t even have power to cook a meal. Thank you Spark team for making this possible!

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