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Hedwig Buffalo Wild Wings Location Has Been Remodeled!

Our unit in Hedwig, Texas, closed on September 15, 10:00pm for remodeling.

A Buffalo Wild Wings certified construction team, along with 12 Spark crew members that helped with a detailed cleaning before installing the new equipment, were soon unpacking and setting up new furniture (the old furniture was donated). We believe in the next-generation concepts that make a BWW unit the most attractive and preferred place (next to a sports stadium) for watching games and hanging out with friends.

Five days later, by Friday, September 20th at 2:00pm, the doors of Hedwig Village Buffalo Wild Wings, the unit with the largest seating capacity, were reopened! The unit has new carpet, furniture, brand-new big TV screens, fresh paint, and new equipment to ensure the best service and ambiance for the customers.

If you’re close to Hedwig, come and check out our BWW unit and we’ll show you how we Spark!

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