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Triple Crown To Atascocita Buffalo Team

Spark is proud to congratulate Atascocita Buffalo Wild Wings Team for the triple crown rating they received in their Quality Service and Cleanliness Corporate Audit. The Atascocita location was audited by BWW corporate on July 23rd this year and the team received an “A” in all three areas: Food Safety, Brand Standards and Guest Experience.

The QSC Audit is an assessment that each unit must pass with a score of 90% or more in the following sections to receive the Triple A award: Brand Standards, Food Safety, and Guest Experience. Each section covers extensive list of specific details ranging anywhere from restrooms walls and ceilings to the tiny sanitizer test strips used to test cleaning chemicals.

The kitchen requirements are the most extensive and include optimal food temperatures, properly diced vegetables, proper freezer walk-in temperature and following of wash/rinse/sanitize procedures at the hand sink, to name a few. The auditors also do a thorough check of how things are being done in the bar checking items from their list such as if the cut fruit in the bar caddy has an Use-By-Label, or if the cut fruit in cooler has LDIR, among many others.

Topics such as guest experience and brand standards are also covered by the audit. They make sure the employees acknowledge the guests, ask them what brings them in and their sitting preference, and inform them of potential wait times and promotions. They test the quality of the food in the brand standards test by reviewing the temperature it is cooked at, the seasonings, cooking times, amount of sauce poured, etc.

This test it is not an easy one to pass, that’s why Spark is proud of the triple crown rating the Atascocita BWW Team obtained. Congratulations to the General Manager, Viviana, and the whole Atascocita BWW Team! You sure know how to Spark!

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